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    For over 30 years, I’ve been giving evidential and compassionate psychic and mediumistic messages to clients all over the world. My confident, gracious and gentle presence puts people at ease, and I love when people tell me later how comfortable they felt with me. I understand the importance of how intuition, spirituality and love can help bring closure for those who wish to contact loved ones in spirit.
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    This website is dedicated to the life and work of my mentor, Reverend Sadie Nickerson and it was written with you in mind. So sit back, and enjoy my stories, pictures and valuable info to help make your life more fulfilling!

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    "Carolyn, thanks for all you have done. The gift you have is equal to John Edward: it was truly proven this weekend when you gave me a message on Saturday and on Sunday, I received the exact same message from John Edward. What you do represents truth and is guided by spirit. Thank you for accepting your life's purpose, healing others as you go." -- M.P., Milton, Ontario
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    "Each time you are honest and conduct yourself with honesty, a success force will drive you toward greater success. Each time you lie, even with a little white lie, there are strong forces pushing you toward failure." -- Joseph Sugarman

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My one-woman play, "What?! You're A Medium?!" -- at the 2016 Toronto Fringe Theatre Festival – has more behind-the-scenes expenses than I ever imagined. Please help me pay for the sound system, graphic designer, make up artist – and other costs that seem to keep coming out of nowhere! (And I’d like to at least give the volunteers Timmy’s cards as a thank you.)

"What?! You're A Medium?!" is about my life as a medium, and it’s filled with stories about the fascinating people and clients I’ve met. (I’ll also tell people how to avoid psychic scams.) And then I’ll provide messages from loved ones in spirit to those in the audience. With your help, we will make this a huge success. Thank you for considering my project worthy of your financial support.  



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