Four Years to Birth

A little over four years ago, I swallowed my fear as the theatre lights dimmed, the audience hushed and a spotlight hit me with the force of a speeding train. I was all alone onstage. This was it: I had nowhere to run. Showtime!

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The Upside of Down Dog

In these uncertain times, it’s important that we stay strong in our spirituality. “We will get through this” is a wonderful mantra practiced by many to maintain a healthy emotional attitude. But let’s not ignore our physical health, either.

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Just Breathe

Sundara told me this was her first session with a psychic medium. We were seeing each other via Zoom, and the first thing I noticed about her were her dark eyes. There was a deep passion in her eyes, but they looked tired. I tuned into her energy and, thankfully, she did not seem depressed. Perhaps she’d had a rough night’s sleep. Or she was just hesitant; many people are reserved their first time getting a reading. So I chatted with her for a bit about everything and nothing, just to put her at ease.

Then I asked how I could help her, and her next words surprised me.

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Jim Croce Memories

Elizabeth’s husband of 31 years died suddenly and she made a Zoom video appointment with me on the second anniversary of his passing. This was not her first session with a medium, she told me right off the bat. She said this with a friendly smile and spoke in a pleasant voice, so I didn’t feel like she was either trying to test me or compare me to other readers. But I did get the sense that she was uncomfortable about something.

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Pet Sounds

In the middle of a videoconference reading with a client, where I was connecting with the woman’s mother in spirit, I suddenly visualized small dark circles darting through the air. The shadowy orbs were the size of hot cross buns. Taken aback, I lost my train of thought for a moment, then watched one of the circles land on a bookshelf. In my inner ear, I heard chirping, and said the first thing that popped into my head:

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