The "Wow" Factor

Every medium likes to give evidence that’s so sharp, crisp and bang-on, someone’s jaw drops in surprise and awe. “How did you know that?” is something I love to hear from a client, because it means that spirit is strong with me. It also means I’m building trust with my client, so any message that comes through from spirit will be well received (and, hopefully, appreciated).

Medium Sharon Klingler, of Avon, Ohio, calls this “The ‘wow’ factor.” Think of John Edward’s TV show Crossing Over, where it seemed like he constantly brought forth amazing evidence: deceased relatives’ names, the automobiles they drove, and even hobbies they enjoyed while on the Earth plane! (I’ve seen John live and, believe me, there’s even more ‘wow’ when you’re nearby him.)

Whenever I get a “wow”, my spine tingles – even if that confirmation comes days later. Here are a few “wow’s I received via email a few days after a recent public mediumship event near Toronto.

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Meeting Your Guides and Knowing Yourself

Good day, friends. Thank you for stopping by, and welcome to my blog. For those of you who have never met me, I’m Carolyn Molnar, a psychic medium and teacher with more than 28 years of experience of using intuition to help others.  For my first entry, I’d like to touch on a question that so many of my clients and students ask me: How do I meet my guides?

People ask this question, I sometimes feel, because they are either frustrated that they haven’t felt the presence of their guides, or they are curious and want to know who is helping them.

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